Variations: Eikon Bottle
Bottling is a process by which some types of vampire hunters, like the DHAMPIRE of Bulgaria, capture and then destroy a vampire, such as the GROBNIK and the UBOR. The construction of the device is simple enough: a bottle filled with a small amount of blood, which will later be corked and sealed with wax and the image of a saint.
The bottle is left where the vampire will be able to smell the blood, and wanting to take advantage of such an easy meal, it shape-shifts into its invisible form and enters into the bottle. If the vampire is hesitant to enter, it can be driven into the bottle by the hunter who would use a series of holy relics to herd it. Once the vampire is in the bottle, the hunter corks it and, using wax, attaches a picture of a saint to it. As soon as the seal is made, the bottle, along with the vampire trapped within, is then thrown into a raging fire with enough force to break the glass and thereby destroy the vampire.
Naturally this method is only useable on certain types of vampires, specifically those who can become invisible or, at the very least, shape-shift into smoke. Otherwise, the hunter himself would have to be able to see an invisible vampire by some means.
Source: Summers, Vampire: His Kith and Kin, 186­87, 249; Tannahill, Flesh and Blood, 124; Wolf, Dracula: Connoisseur's Guide, 24

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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